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You may have heard the internet get together and shout at the game Earth 2066 recently, or maybe you have no idea what it is. Quite a few early access games are released regularly, and as Rust and Dayz have shown, they can be very good. Except earth 2066, well, isn’t.

Jim Sterling did a video about the game, which really sums it up. You can walk and shoot. It claims to be survival. There is no UI. There are literally three areas. You are a robot with a cowboy hat. A student studying game design recreated the whole game and put it on the internet for free, calling it Earth 2067(Sadly because of the amount of traffic it got, he’s taken it down and his going to put it through greenlight for 5 cents.) He stole artwork from an artist without telling him. And he’s selling this seductive package for 20 euro on steam.

How something like this could get onto steam in the first place worries me. Sure, people can say “It’s early access!”, but come on. When a game has literally 5 minutes of content, regularly throws you miles into the air and is recreated in less than an hour for free, why would you let it be put up for sale?

It that wasn’t bad enough, the “developer”, and I use it in the loosest sense of the word, has been censoring the games forums, deleting all negative comments and even editing peoples bad reviews to say”Lov teh game, twen out of twen!” or other positive bull along those lines. Many of the games positive reviews are by people on the developers friends list, and after the forum got too much he wiped it completely clean and renamed it the troll tavern. Doesn’t take criticism well, then.

The fact that this got onto steam is worrying, but what really worries me is that people might actually buy this game and the devs might get money for it. Real money. The trailer was made in vegas and is the most amateur thing I’ve ever seen, and the roadmap says that there will be “more content”. You really know how to entice me, don’t you.

If you want to read more about the developers shady antics, this reddit post has more of his dirty dealings. My advice, if you’ve seen this game and thought that “This looks like it could be like fallout, let’s buy and support these great devs!”, my advice to you, don’t. There are much better things to spend 20 euro on.

Written by HMC